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Pest Control in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties

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We can help with a wide range of pests and health and safety related items but some of the more common issues are:


Moles can cause immense damage to lawns at any time of year but especially during their breeding season around February


Mice are prevalent in all sorts of properties and we are regularly called out by home and business owners to deal with mouse problems


Nesting birds cause problems of noise, especially at night, and also mess. They often nest in lofts and other similar building spaces


Wasps nest in roof. Wasps can cause immense panic in some people and can be dangerous if they are disturbed


New contract on a school for rats and mice. The school do not have a problem but are being pro active to ensure all Heath & Safety legislation is complied with.


Rats in garden of domestic premises. The presence of chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. can encourage rats into gardens. A baiting programme can control the problem


Moths causing damage in a block of flats. Moths can cause damage to carpets and clothing


Pigeon proofing outside shops. Pigeons and other birds can be a problem when they perch or nest on balconies and ledges
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