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Topical Issues

Ants: flying ants are now causing many problems. Easy to control. Give us a call.

Wasps: Season now in full swing. The nests are about the size of a foot ball or more!

If you need help with these or any other pest problem Call us!

We can help with a wide range of pests and health and safety related items but some of the more common issues are:


Wasps can be regarded as generally useful insects, helping to control other pests and cleaning up dead insect carcasses. They even act as pollinators, but in general they are regarded as a nuisance and a threat to health. Many people have a phobia against them in some cases with good reason. If you have a wasp problem we will destroy the nest. On average the nest will be dead within an hour after treatment.


Flea control can be necessary in not only domestic premises but also in commercial premises such as office blocks. We recently carried out flea control in a large County Council office. There are 2500 different species of fleas described worldwide.

If you think you have a problem with fleas? Give us a call.

Bed Bugs: This is a world wide problem!

The number of cases of bed bugs has doubled over the last few years. We are called on a regularly to deal with bed bug infestations both in domestic and other accommodation. If you are being bitten at night - think bed bug!

They not only live in beds but all over the bedroom (and house) hiding In dark and dry places such as cracks and crevices, furniture, walls, ceilings and floorboards. In fact any place in a room. We recently found bed bugs in the spines of books and balls of knitting wool.

The earlier the treatment is carried out the faster and better the control. If you have bites or bumps in the morning give us a call and we can confirm the cause and treat the problem.

Electronic Fly Killers

We supply all types of fly killers for both domestic and commercial use and all at competitive prices. We also offer an annual service agreement to service the units or we offer a hire service if you prefer.

We have recently supplied a number of electronic fly killer units to a large residential care home group in Hertfordshire. If you are a business preparing food don't get caught out by the food hygiene regulation - get a electronic fly killer fitted. We comply with all current legislation and ensure that used tubes from fly killers are disposed of correctly under the WEEE directive.

Fly Screens

We have recently outfitted several school kitchens with fly screens for the local authority. This helped provide a hygienic place for food preparation and that they pass the Health and Safety inspection with flying colours. All the screens were custom built to their existing windows and doors.

This month we have also supplied and fitted fly screens at a Bakery in Milton Keynes. Again all screens were made to measure and are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Pigeon proofing

Pigeons carry many diseases, their guano is dangerous, unsightly and causes damage to buildings it's also a very serious health hazard. Here at Bugs 'n' Things Pest Control we have 20 years experience of pigeon proofing whether it be erecting netting or fixing anti landing spikes or post and wire system.

The latest innovation for keeping pigeons off of buildings is by using a specially developed gel that to pigeons looks like 'fire' and they will not land. We have recently used this system on a nursery in Letchworth, Hertfordshire with 100% success. We have also just completed a pigeon proofing project using netting on a block of flats in Cambridgeshire. We also specialise in the removal of pigeon guano.

If you have a problem with pigeons call us for advice and we will advise you what we can do. You have the problem we have the solution!

Pharaoh's Ants

One of our current projects is in London on the Isle of Dogs on a large block of flats. They have an infestation of Pharaoh's ants and had them for over 24 months. Other pest control companies have failed to eradicate the problem and, as a specialist in this field, we have been called in to deal with the problem. Control of these ants can take up to six months due to the nature of the life style of the nuisance pest.

Watch this space for updates!

Rodents - Rats and Mice

Rat and Mice control is undertaken on a daily basis. Work not only concentrates on eradicating the rodents but also trying to locate entry points and carrying out proofing to stop it happening again. Rats often enter buildings as the result of broken / damaged sewer systems. (See our service on Sewer inspection/smoke testing).

If you are able to get a pencil through a gap then a mouse can get through. If your thumb fits in a gap a rat can get through. Both rodents can cause vast amounts of damage to wiring in lofts and other places - this can be very costly to put right. We have just dealt with a rat problem where rats had chewed through the wiring of the personal alarm system in a residential home.

We offer contracts for rodent control - Be pro-active not Re-active. Contact us for more information.


We regularly carry out woodworm treatments in both domestic and commercial premises and we recently carried out such treatments in a number of residential houses for the local authority.

Got woodworm - give us a call for a free no obligation quotation. We offer a guarantee with all woodworm treatments carried out.


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