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Ants: flying ants are now causing many problems. Easy to control. Give us a call.

Wasps: Season now in full swing. The nests are about the size of a foot ball or more!

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Common Wasp Wasps

Common (House Wasps)
Tree (German Wasps)
Common Wasp


Head to Abdomen tip 10-20mm. Wingspan 25- 40mm


Adults wasps have characteristic yellow and black bands on abdomen, with a distinct waist between thorax and abdomen. Head features are commonly use to identify different species.


Nests found in hollows in trees, roof spaces, voids and cavities. Adult wasps found around sweet foods and drinks, and near skips and bins etc.


Visual sightings of adults, complaints of a 'suspected' nest. Stings!

Eleven species of true wasps are found in Europe, while only two, Vespula vulgaris and Vespula germanica, can be described as widely distributed pest species. The hornet, Vespa crabro, also attracts a considerable amount of interest but is seldom sufficiently common to constitute a true pest. Various species of bees are often confused with wasps on the basis of their black and yellow colouring. Owing to their ability to sting and their fondness for sweet material, feral honey bees occasionally achieve a similar pest status to wasps.


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