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Cockroach Cockroaches

Oriental, German, American, Australian, Brown Banded 
Oriental Cockroach


18-24mm overall body length


The most common Oriental Cockroach is Dark mahogany. Adult male is winged  


Visual sightings of adults and nymphs. Odour. Faecal spotting. Egg cases.

The Oriental cockroach, Black beetle, Black lock or Shad roach, to give it just a few of its common names, is thought to have originated from North Africa. It is now widely distributed in almost all temperate regions of the world, preferring less humid and cooler conditions (22-27C) than other cockroach species such as the German, Blattella germanica, and American / Australian, Periplaneta spp. It has been shown to be able to survive the winter outdoors, notably in refuse heaps.

The adult Oriental or Common cockroach is large (20-24 mm long) dark redbrown to black. Most people would be able to recognise this species as a cockroach, unlike some of its smaller cousins. The male is winged, but the female has much reduced, vestigial wings and tegmina. However, neither sex is able to fly.

The species is principally nocturnal and so not often seen during the day -any daylight sightings suggests a heavy infestation or a newly introduced specimen searching for a harbourage. The egg case (ootheca) is about 10-11 mm long, is brown-black and deposited by the female soon after formation. Oothecae are produced at about 10-day intervals and contain about 16 eggs. Cockroaches have an incomplete metamorphosis (egg, nymph, adult). There are 7-10 nymphal stages, development to adult taking 6-12 months in heated buildings.

The adult life span varies from 2 months under warm conditions to 9 months in cool conditions.

Reasons for control

B. orientalis is now known as a major pest of buildings, notably in cellars, basements, ducts, boiler rooms, kitchens, bakeries, toilets and bars. It is the major cockroach pest in Britain.

Because of its habits and feeding sites, it is a potential carrier of pathogenic bacteria when associated with food. People also find their presence and odour repulsive. A recent study in the USA suggests that nearly one fifth of the population is allergic to cockroaches, their droppings, odour and breakdown products.


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